Simon Lear : audio production, sound design & remote recording.

Kia ora - I’m an audio professional with more than 22 years experience in the music, arts and creative fields.

I’m an audio specialist, but within audio I’m a generalist, and have a broad range of skills across various disciplines - live sound, remote recording, sound system design, music editing, immersive sound, mixing, mastering and restoration.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with many amazing artists and organisations.

My work practice is focused on enabling artists to achieve their vision, removing technical barriers, and providing a deep sonic experience for the audience. I like classy microphones and loudspeakers, have a love of music, its power of expression and enjoy creative collaboration.

Services and Capabilities

Design / Development

Bsound Ltd has been providing immersive audio solutions for installations and event audio since 2013.

  • Sound system design
  • Experience in spatialisation, Dante, AVB, AoIP, MADI, OSC Open Sound Control
  • Turnkey hardware and custom software development
  • Integration between audio systems and ICT
  • Consultant advice on audio installations for galleries, exhibition spaces and venues of all sizes

Mix / Edit Studio + 7.1.4

Located in Parawai / Thames is the Bsound purpose built mixing, mastering & editing studio. The studio features excellent mix translation and lots of natural light.

  • 7.1.4 immersive monitoring system
  • Emes and Tannoy dual concentric monitors
  • Acoustic design by John H. Brandt
  • Dirac Live room optimisation
  • Dolby Atmos mixing
  • Dolby Atmos mastering
  • Steinberg Nuendo, Avid Pro Tools, Magix Sequoia, Ableton Live
  • Wide selection of plugins
  • Classic TC Electronic and Roland outboard effects
  • Sound Workshop stereo spring reverb
  • Precise audio restoration tools from Magix Sequoia and Izotope
Dolby Atmos
Apple Digital Masters logo
Dante Level 3 certification

Remote Recording

Turning any venue or location into a temporary recording studio can be inspiring AND challenging! It’s vital that the technology is well sorted and does not impede the creative flow.

  • Extensive remote recording experience
  • Schoeps, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, DPA microphones
  • 32 high quality RME Micstasy analog inputs
  • Main and backup 64 channel recorders
  • Fibre optic MADI multicore
  • Zero latency analog cue monitoring for artists

Event Audio

  • Project management
  • Sound supervision
  • Front of house mix
  • Monitor mix
  • Systems engineering