Sam ID3 tool - Tag WAV metadata with the CD Text/ID3 Editor and foobar2000

Sam ID3 tool exists to plug a small gap in Samplitude and Sequoia mastering workflows: semi-automatic transfer of ID3 metadata to WAV files. Sam ID3 tool translates between the output of the Samplitude/Sequoia CD Text/ID3 Editor (as a saved CDT file), and the command-line tagging capability of foobar2000 media player (with masstagger component installed). The benefit of this is that you can enter all of your metadata in the CD Text/ID3 Editor where it is stored in the VIP project, and with a few clicks in Sam ID3 tool, update new WAV bounces with the pre-entered metadata.

Additional options are:

  • Read the ISRC code written in the WAV aXML chunk by Samplitude/Sequoia and include as an ID3 <ISRC> tag.

  • Remove audio markers from WAV files (while writing ID3 tags, or not).

  • Completely remove ALL metadata from WAV files including BEXT, INFO, CUE, aXML, iXML, ID3, MD5.

This is pretty heavily tested but as always, use is completely at your own risk.

Version 1.1 - 16 October 2023